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Home Projects Kitchen Update in Panora, IA

Kitchen Update in Panora, IA

Kitchen remodel

While some remodels dramatically change the layout of a home, others focus on the look! This recent kitchen remodel we embarked on was the latter - the footprint of the home stayed mostly the same while the look was transformed. This kitchen remodel updated the existing look of the kitchen for a more modern look. The homeowners wanted a more dramatic, crisp look. We started by replacing the cabinets that we assembled on-site. Many of the cabinets utilized rollout drawers to ensure everything was easily accessible. We also continued the crisp look with new backsplash tile and a dramatic black sink that stood out from the granite countertops. The biggest floor plan update was swapping the location of the fridge and the pantry. The original location of the fridge was quite close to the island which often created congestion. The new locations provide a better flow and open up the island area significantly. Lighting was also a challenge. Previously, the room felt dark which also contributed to making it feel dated. Lightening the cabinet color helped create an illusion of more light but we knew that wouldn’t be enough to achieve the look the homeowners wanted. Adding recessed lights in the ceiling was the first step to bringing in more light. The second step was under-cabinet lighting which provided a much cleaner, airy feel. We also replaced the existing oak stair railing off the kitchen to create a more industrial look. To achieve the desired railing look, we actually utilized deck railing. This was the most efficient way to create the square, industrial look the homeowners wanted. The end result of this remodel is a beautiful, updated kitchen! Whether you’re wanting to transform your space by changing the floor plan or updating the look, we’d love to help give you the kitchen of your dreams!

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