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Home Remodeling Home Maintenance Service

Home Maintenance Service

Home maintenance service

Soap Stone Construction is proud to announce that we now offer Home Maintenance Service, another great way to take good care of your Des Moines area home. Every home has room for improvement, but many of these smaller projects don't require full-scale remodeling or renovation services. We take care of those smaller updates and upgrades from your to-do list that never seem to get sorted out.

You already rely on us as your preferred local remodeling company for bigger, more extensive, and labor-intensive jobs. Now, you can expect the same level of expertise but for smaller jobs around the house.

Our Home Maintenance Service is the perfect way to stay ahead of your task list because your home is an ongoing work in progress. Improve your life by improving your home and taking care of lingering projects that never get done. When your home is complete, functional, beautiful, and more user-friendly, it really does improve your overall quality of life.

"Smalls" Home Maintenance & Improvements

Our Home Maintenance Service is the perfect solution for handling your to-do list and making improvements without planning a significant project like kitchen remodeling. Pricing for our more minor services is as follows:

  • $300 for the initial two hours
  • $135 per hour for each additional hour
  • 25% markups on all provided materials
  • The trip or service fee is included in the cost of the first two hours, and each additional hour after the first two are billed in 30-minute increments.

Other Important Details About Our Smalls Home Maintenance Services

There's no additional markup cost if you supply your own materials. In fact, we encourage homeowners to procure their own materials and have them ready for us to use. Suppose additional materials are needed once the project has started. In that case, we can make the run as part of the hourly cost or continue to work while the homeowner acquires the necessary materials.

We'll email you an invoice for the completed work to be paid the day the project is finished and before the technician leaves your home. Plus, you can request additional tasks while the technician is there, as long as their schedule allows for it. If not, we can schedule a return visit.

Soap Stone Construction is honored to be your choice for services that will improve your dream home. Call now to schedule your appointment for Home Maintenance Service, and let's work together to make your Des Moines area home more beautiful, functional, and user-friendly.

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