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Update Your Bath Space with Bathroom Remodeling

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Soap Stone Construction is your one-stop resource for services, including bathroom remodeling for Des Moines households. We're specialists when it comes to updates and upgrades that will help renovate your home.

That's precisely what you need on your team - an expert remodeling company. Getting quality design and craftsmanship for your bathroom remodeling is the difference between having a functional bathroom and having a space you can unwind in after a long day.

The two most common jobs we take care of are the bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Changes these two spaces, and you can completely change the atmosphere of your home in general.

Decorative Vanities

One of the critical elements of bathroom remodeling is selecting your decorative vanity. Walk into any bathroom, and you're sure to notice the vanity.

However, you're not likely to realize how much thought and consideration had to go into choosing just the right one. Some tips for selecting your vanity are:

  • Right Size
  • Perfect Proportion
  • Meeting Sink Needs
  • Consider Storage Space
  • Assess Counter Space

Whenever possible, it's advisable to leave your plumbing where it already is, if at all possible. Once the job gets into moving and adding to your existing pipe, it becomes more labor-intensive and expensive.

Like cabinets for your kitchen, the vanity becomes the focal point of this space. That means it has a tall order to fill; look stunning while also meeting the functionality needs.

His and Her Sinks

Having a dual vanity is more than just a convenience and luxury; it can be a relationship saver. You get double the benefits for a slightly higher price tag.

  • Extra counter space
  • Double the storage space
  • Dual bowls make it more user-friendly
  • Ease and ability for two people to use simultaneously
  • Increase the property value of your home

If the existing space in your bathroom allows for it, adding a double vanity just makes good sense. You're not likely to regret having plenty of vanity space, but you are likely to wish you'd added a double if you settle for a single.

Only you know the dynamics of your household and what would work best for it. When it comes to something as intimate and personal as your shared bathroom space, the more comfortable you can make things, the better.

Upgrading to his and her sinks can be a game-changer, and Soap Stone Construction is just the team to put it in place for you. Call us today for bathroom remodeling in Des Moines; you'll be glad that you did.

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