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The Soap Stone Promise

1. Prompt & Clear Communication
  • We’re eager to hear from you. You can expect a warm and friendly tone from the moment we begin communicating. Also, you can expect all voicemails, emails, and texts to receive a response within hours, not days. We’re committed to this level of communication before, during, and after the sale.
2. Zero-Sales Pressure from Soap Stone
  • We respect and understand that your remodeling project will happen on your schedule (not ours!) We want you to be confident and comfortable in who you select to do your project. This approach ensures zero-sales pressure and an enjoyable decision-making process for you.
3. Detailed Specs & Guaranteed Cost
  • During our initial meetings, you may be surprised by the number of questions we ask, and the amount of time we spend with you. We’ve learned investing extra time early in the process is critical to the project’s success. We work closely with you, selecting all materials and clearly defining the scope so your expectations are fully met. At the end of this step, we can deliver a guaranteed cost.
4. A Clean Jobsite
  • We promise to maintain a clean, organized, and safe work area to minimize disruption to your family’s routine.
  • We use tarps, covers and dust barriers extensively. No smoking on the jobsite is allowed, and materials and tools are stored neatly and safely. These are a few of our rules. Being considerate and respectful of your family’s needs is very important to us.
5. Our "Stand Behind It" Warranty Promise
  • If there is a problem with our workmanship - whether it is 5 months or 5 years after the job is completed - we will be there to take care of it. We stand behind our workmanship.

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