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Waukee remodeling contractor

Taking care of Waukee remodeling isn't about all the ideas you have for how you want the space to look; it's really about getting the right contractor lined up. Savvy locals here know that Soap Stone Construction is the most reliable resource for renovations.

Deciding to make changes to your Waukee home is a big step. It would be best if you had a team of remodeling experts in your corner to assist you through the process and deliver exceptional craftsmanship.

You may want to make minor changes or rather significant alterations, and, either way, we're the team to make it possible. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to the work and materials that go into improving your house.

Basement Finishing Means Big Things for Your Home

Improve your Waukee home by scheduling your basement finishing. Otherwise, you're doing yourself and your family a disservice but not utilizing the space.

You're sitting on untapped potential. Think about all the possibilities this unused square footage holds.

Don't make the mistake of moving to get a bigger house before you've considered making proper use of the space you already have! Convert your unfinished basement into a:

  • Guest Bedroom
  • Rental Unit
  • Men's Den
  • Home Office
  • Fitness Room
  • Family Games Room

There's no reason to leave this square footage untouched. No one needs a dark, damp basement that's used for nothing more than laundry and storage.

With the right planning, you can still use it for that, but in addition to so much more. Plus, once finished, this adds so much to the value of your home.

Think About Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Every year, smart homeowners decide to move forward with kitchen remodeling. Whether you have aspirations to launch a home-based catering business or just want to update the look, renovations make a difference.

It's common knowledge that the kitchen has become something of a central meeting spot for families. Your culinary space should reflect this by looking and feeling inviting.

  • Replace Your Appliances
  • Modernize the Visual Aesthetics
  • Update Electrical & Plumbing
  • Add Essential Lighting
  • Make it More User-Friendly

Even if you've neglected your kitchen for years, we're here to give you the updates and upgrades you deserve. Breathe new life into your older kitchen, and stop missing out on how fantastic it could be.

We've been working with homeowners since 2006, and look forward to your consultation. Let us show you what we can do for you and your home.

Contact us today for service in Waukee for partial or full home remodeling.

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