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Change The Dynamics Of Your Des Moines Property With Home Additions

Home additions

Locals turn to Soap Stone Construction for unrivaled professionalism. We're the leading remodeling company resource in Des Moines, and home additions are one of our primary areas of expertise.

It's an honor and a privilege to be able to help so many homeowners improve their existing houses so they will better accommodate their specific needs. Why move when you can improve? The cost you invest into renovating your home with options like additions will still be less than the expense associated with relocating. Plus, you'll get a great return on your investment.

Give our experts a call for superior home remodeling services, including home additions. We're committed to providing you with top-notch service for superior results.

Room Additions

When deciding between home additions or moving, there are some points to consider. Renovating instead of relocating means:

  • Staying in the same neighborhood and school district
  • No modifications to work or school commutes
  • Adding useful storage space
  • Increasing the value of your current home
  • Changing the functionality of your house

A room addition can also be a way to generate supplemental income. Whether you want to bring in a long-term renter or use this space for short-term rental opportunities, the earnings can offset the cost of the project.

For many families, a room addition is a practical way to accommodate additional family members. Whether you're having another baby, need extra space for kids to have their own rooms, or want an in-law suite, why not stay where you already live? Let our company design and build the perfect add-on to your current home.

House Addition Purposes

Adding on to your existing home can mean finally expanding to give yourself the en suite you've always wanted. Maybe your family would like a room for games and activities. In the long run, building a home gym for the entire family to use can be more cost-effective than multiple gym memberships, plus you're more likely to regularly workout when you don't have to drive to another location.

There's no wrong reason to build on to your existing home, as long as you choose the right professionals to handle the project. Contact Soap Stone Construction for quality home additions and other complex jobs that require the best remodeling company in all of Des Moines.

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