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Johnston remodeling

Soap Stone Construction has been earning the stupendous reputation we have for well over a decade now. Although we started as a handyman service, we made the transition to a preferred Johnston remodeling company to suit the needs of our customers better.

To make the most of your project, it makes sense to work with the best. This approach will minimize stress and ensure that you're satisfied with the outcome of the job.

Whether you're looking for small changes or to overhaul your Johnston home entirely, we'll take good care of your job. Contact us now and find out more about how we can help you transform your current house into your dream home.

Expert Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Work

There are plenty of good reasons to schedule kitchen and bathroom remodeling for your Johnston area home.

  • Increase Property Value
  • Make User-Friendly
  • Change the Feel of the Home Completely
  • Add Modern Appliances
  • Get Organized

You have plenty of options for renovations when you decide to remodel your home. However, the two most commonly requested jobs are the kitchen and the bathroom.

It's easy for these two spaces to become outdated quickly. Updating and upgrading are two of the main goals when it comes to remodeling these rooms.

When we get finished with renovating these spaces, you'll love the convenience as much as the look. Let us show you what your bathroom and kitchen could look like and help get you motivated about making major changes.

Why Basement Finishing is So Important

Another project we get a lot of service request calls for is basement finishing. Too many homeowners fail to use this space in their homes, causing it to be a waste.

You have plenty of options when it comes to what you can do with your basement once you finish it:

  • Man Cave
  • Home Bar
  • Play Room
  • Additional Bedroom
  • Fitness Space

Yet, even more importantly, having this extra space can help prevent the need for moving. Why relocate when you can renovate?

The dynamics of your family may change over time. You may have an adult child move home after college, you in-laws may move in, or you may be blessed with another baby.

Whatever the reason for the shift, you'll need the space to accommodate this. It could even be that two siblings sharing a bedroom need their own space.

Instead of selling your current house, why not just finish it and make the best possible use of the existing space? Contact us today and secure service from a local leading Johnston remodeling company.

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