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Update Your Living Space With Professional Condo Renovation

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Soap Stone Construction has earned an impeccable reputation around Des Moines for a variety of services, including condo renovation. Condos are the ideal piece of property for homeownership without the required landscaping maintenance.

Or, condos make the perfect investment property for rental property. Either way, they can become outdated if not maintained, and the work we do will make them look modern and new.

Let us meet with you for your free consultation and show you exciting options you have for condo renovation service.

Make the Most of Your Condo Renovations

Scheduling service with a remodeling company in Des Moines for condo renovation is a wise decision to make. However, you don't just want to remodel and make upgrades; you want changes that will transform the look and feel of your living space.

Some tips for success:

  • Know the rules and guidelines set in place by your HOA and condo board or association. The last thing that you want to do is violate any of these restrictions, or it could end up costing you a lot in fines or alterations after the work is complete.
  • Be aware of and realistic about your limits based on finances or square footage. Unlike a home that may allow for a build out or addition, a condominium can't be enlarged.
  • Build up instead of out. Although you can't build-out and add on, you can focus on making use of the existing space going up. Many condos have high ceilings, and this is the perfect opportunity to make sure of this space.

Top Tips for Renovating Your Condo

In many ways, remodeling your condo is a form of whole house remodeling. More than likely, the work will be extensive enough that your entire condo will be impacted.

Some tips for making the most of this job:

  • Temporarily Relocate
  • Consider Painting
  • Add Lighting
  • Don't Forget Flooring
  • Make the Best Use of the Space

In some cases, you can update the look and ambiance a lot with just new paint. However, after a decade or more, your living space is going to appear outdated.

You can't get around renovations once the time has come. You can, however, work with the best team around to make the most of your project.

We'll help you understand what works best for changing around the layout of your condo that differs from remodeling a house. For expert service for your condo renovation in Des Moines, get in touch with Soap Stone Construction.

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