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Home Projects Covered Deck in Panora, IA

Covered Deck in Panora, IA

Cover photo for our deck cover work.

Are our homes ever really done?

These homeowners contacted us about adding a covered deck at their lake home. Working with the homeowners we developed the plan for this amazing outdoor space, that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Having a home on the lake isn't any fun if you can't enjoy the outdoors. The back of this home faces south and gets incredibly hot during the summer making a roof a must. The deck is a low maintenance Timber Tech decking that won't require any more work than a quick sweep or power wash. The aluminum railing has a low profile vertical cable system to not obstruct the wonderful view. Initially, the homeowners didn't want the ceiling finished, but after seeing how it was taking away from the final look decided to go ahead and add the covering.

This wonderful outdoor space will shade the homeowners from the harsh sun, or rain. It has plenty of open space for entertaining or just enjoying a quiet evening enjoying the view.

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