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Home Projects Kitchen Relocation in Panora, IA

Kitchen Relocation in Panora, IA

Kitchen relocation

We were so excited when we received the initial phone call from this client! Recently, they purchased the home as a new primary residence on Lake Panorama to enjoy in their retirement. There was just one problem - the kitchen was completely unusable.

The existing kitchen was entirely contained in a small island. Everything, the sink, stove, and dishwasher, was built into the island leaving only a small square of counter space. In addition, because of the appliances built into the island, there was very little usable cabinet space. The design was incredibly flawed and not conducive to day-to-day cooking.

Working with the owners, we decided the best course of action was to move the kitchen to the existing living room. This allowed the existing kitchen to remain in place during the remodel so that they still had a space to make meals in the meantime.

We started by creating a pantry on the opposite side of the wall from the existing pantry. Essentially, we flipped the pantry around to utilize the existing space and put the door on the opposite side. We removed the rest of the wall, including the fireplace, to open up the space.

They were very excited to have a new, workable space with beautiful countertops. The new island was considerably larger than the previous, overcrowded island and held the new sink and dishwasher in addition to creating cabinet space, countertop space, and room for bar stools so they could entertain.

We also added a new fireplace opposite of the kitchen that can be enjoyed from both the new kitchen and the new living room. Tying in the backsplash tile with the tile surrounding the fireplace created a very cohesive look.

The goal was to keep the existing wood floors and so we worked hard to both protect the floor during our work and to patch where we removed the original fireplace with matching flooring. The result was beautiful.

One of the focal points of the remodel is the wooden beam that was installed into the ceiling. It immediately elevated the space, providing a focal point, and tied in nicely with the fireplace mantel for a cohesive look through the main floor.

The result of this remodel was both functional and aesthetically pleasing! The new kitchen will provide a usable space to create meals and also to entertain guests. If you’re looking to improve the functionality of your home, open up your floor plan, or add onto an existing space, reach out today! We’d love to help you remodel your Lake Panorama home!

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