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Top Bathroom Design Tips for Small Spaces

Top bathroom design tips

Hiring the right remodeling company for your project is only part of the job, although a significant role, to say the least. Making choices about the overall design is the key to success.

When it comes to smaller bathrooms, this is especially critical. The decisions you make will either complement the bathroom or have the opposite effect.

Aside from making choices that may not be as visually appealing as you'd hoped, the wrong decisions can make this space feel even smaller. Work with a renovation specialist that can assist you in the process, including ways to make a small bathroom appear to be larger.

Exceptional Results for Your Small Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom remodeling for small spaces takes a little more design planning but can be just as effective.

  • Make the best use of the available space by installing a corner sink. You'll still get the sink that you need without sacrificing the little bit of space that you have.
  • Don't make the mistake of using a shower door that swings open; this will eat up valuable space and make it hard to use. Shower curtains and sliding doors are the ideal options for small bathrooms.
  • Letting the counter extend over the toilet lid is a great way to use the existing space. It conceals the top of the toilet but leaves enough space to access it when necessary. Plus, you don't have to sacrifice any precious countertop space in your bathroom.
  • Maximize the illusion of having a bigger space by using a bigger mirror. Use an oversized mirror over the vanity and your bathroom will look and feel more spacious.
  • Limit or eliminate the use of wall-mounted fixtures. A great example of this is using towel bars that you can mount on the back of the bathroom door.

Hire the Right Professionals

What makes the most significant impact on your bathroom renovation job is hiring the right company to take on the responsibility. At Soap Stone Construction, we don't just show up to carry out the manual labor.

We're remodeling specialists, and that means we can offer you professional advice for your project. Together we'll make your job a success, even for small bathrooms that need a little extra attention.

You'll appreciate our guaranteed fixed price; you'll know what the job will cost without any surprises upon completion. Call our Des Moines remodeling company now and start your project immediately.

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